Goodbye February! Farewell yellow month!

Malta in Yellow

Malta in YellowOn our last day in Valletta/Malta, I wanted to give you a little collection of pictures I've taken over the last couple of days. Toni and I held our eyes open in order to find yellow inspirations in Malta as well and when we could not take any more pictures of the light sand yellow houses I just threw on a new yellow sweater and walked around with the yellow satchel – colour blocking away ;)

Malta hasn't probably shown its face from its best with rainy weather and military ships lurking from everywhere. Also the news with Malta being one of the hot spots in dealing with Libya didn't exactly create a warm and welcoming feeling. Toni and I still succeeded in having a good time with many giggly moments, three finished books (which I want to tell you about in a later post) and just ONE sunny day spent at the bay of Marsaxlokk (the pictures with the colourful boats are from there). Tomorrow we are heading back home … where we are hopefully greeted with a warm spring arriving soon and we'll meet again next month with the colour GREEN ;)

Am letzten Tag in Valletta/Malta wollte ich euch nun eine kleine Kollektion an Bildern zeigen, die wir in den letzten Tagen geschossen haben. Toni und ich haben unsere Augen offengehalten und nach Gelb-Inspirationen gesucht. Als wir keine sandsteingelben Häuser mehr fotografieren konnten, weil meine Speicherkarte überzuquellen drohte, schmiss ich mir dann doch meinen neuen gelben Pullover über und stapfte mit dem gelben Schulranzen über die Insel – ernsthaftes colour-blocking!


First impressions MALTA 2011


Hello everyone,

just a few greetings from the island 'Malta' where Toni and I are spending a few days to escape the German frostiness! The island presents itself as a funny and exotic mix of English shops and architecture with a lot of oriental influences! It will be really interesting to discover the food, places and sights here! Very typical for us sisters: the morning walking route. I decided to go to the right and Toni and I found ourselves on the arterial road of Malta ;). We were not THAT thrilled about the shops and sceptical people staring at us in jogging clothes. However we later on found the oldtown of Valletta and were reconciled with the island ;)!! Today we already had a funny little tour through an 'interactive' museum about the great siege of Malta of 1565. So Toni and I learned that the Maltese were a reason that the Ottoman Empire was hindered on invading Europe (see the whole article on Wikipedia here).

A few insights from our first day: 'fig conserve' at Café Jubilee is more like fig glue paste (I have never ever experienced such gooey and gummy jam ;), Malta in February is not especially warm even if the sun is shining and when walking through the main shopping street of Valletta you sometimes have the feeling as if you are in an oriental London (with shops like Accessorize, Dune and Marks&Spencer one after another).
A very very positive surprise was our hotel Phoenicia where Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth have stayed several times (e.g. in year 1949). You enter through a large reception room and in the main hall (where we are sitting right now) you may sip a cup of tea and enjoy a scone or chocolate cake!!

Hope to be reporting many more Malta insights in the next days!
Yours, Theresa


Efterklang & Paul Smith – a combination??

Just a few years ago you could have asked me about my musical taste and I probably couldn't have named even one band or singer/songwriter I like. In the last weeks and months many friends however have introduced me to different songs and styles and I quite like to get to know new music. Last weekend I was fortunate to attend one of the private viewings of the film 'An Island', which was produced by Vincent Moon and the band EFTERKLANG. Not only the film was really great to watch, but the concept behind these private viewings is really nice: you can sign up to stage a viewing of this movie (my friend from Hamburg did so) and people can see all the cities it takes place and sign up to attend. You then get the movie sent to you just a week before the date, reminding you to take a picture of the screening. The one I attended was in Hamburg at a lovely hair saloon (called kiitos). Efterklang probably will not become one of my favourite bands (a bit too heavy and a bit too sad), but for now and then it's quite nice.

For me music often relates to different moods, but also times in my life, cities and also fashion.
When listening to some Efterklang songs after the screening, I was just flicking through the newest collection of 'Paul Smith Fall 2011' runway collection and I really liked both of them together :-) It even made more sense when I read that his opening tune was 'Free Money' by Patti Smith (listen to it here).

Yellow Satchel

A very faithful companion in everday life and travelling is my yellow satchel from 'Cambridge Satchel Company'. They've got amazing colour varieties from pink to green to classic brown. I even got my initials TN embossed at the front of my satchel. A real vertu (and not only in yellow February!!!

P.S. Yes, it was THAT cold when I took off in Hamburg, so the red face is not due to any unhealthy consumption but only the piercing cold ;)


Ein sehr treuer Begleiter im täglichen Hochschulalltag wie auch beim Reisen ist mein (relativ neuer) gelber 'Ranzen' von der Cambridge Satchel Company. Sie bieten diese Tasche nicht nur in Gelb sondern in ganz tollen FArben über Pink bis Grün und klassichen Braun an. Ich hab sogar meine Initialen TN auf die vordere Lasche meiner Tasche blind einprägen lassen. Ein echtes Liebhaberstück (nicht nur im gelben Februar)!!!

P.S. Ja, es war soooo kalt, als ich in Hamburg aufgebrochen bin. Meine roten Wangen und Nase sind also keinesfalls dem ungesunden Konsum irgendeines Genussmittels zuzuschreiben, sondern der schneidenden Kälte des Windes ;)!


Kick-off: February travelling in Yellow!

Okay, finally it is over! I am officially over with all exams and I am on the road again. Today I am writing to you from lovely town of Hamburg, where I am spending the weekend with a very good old friend I still know from school. Tonight she'll be showing a music documentation called 'The Island' from Efterklang. The last weeks of February hadn't been the most productive ones in regard of yellow inspirations and posting and I deeply apologize for that. However you can really be looking forward to the next posts because my mom had had very productive weeks and there are quite a few dresses and outfits waiting to be posted. A few snippets: she fell in love with PRADA Spring 2011, a few paint buckets seemingly exploded in her sewing cabinet and I am very serious about colour blocking this year :-).


Sunday Quickie - Colourful Editorial and listening to…

Colourful Editorial

Colourful Editorial

Hello everyone,
you may wonder what I am up to these days with the long absence from blogging. Well, it WILL all be over on 17. February. Right now I am still in exams phase and I (cannot emphasize enought how much I) hate it ;). My mom already pointed out that I am totally not used to capacity.


Let's start yellow February!

ets do this by introducing the new wallpaper for February. While 'cleaning' my desktop and computer files I stumbled upon a very cute website called simpledesktops.com. I was very inspired and kind of liked the very clean and fresh look it gave my own desktop ;). One project I completed in the last weeks was a conception and design for a fictional 'tutorial-app' for iPad. In the progress of designing the whole thing, I also developped some icons for sewing, paper-crafting or knitting. Thus, you are in for a treat: you'll get to choose between two yellow wallpaper designs: the classic vintage fashion model as well as a modern vector symbol about crafting (scissors and glue bottle). So, this month both our wallpaper are very clean and unagitated. I hope you like that!

Secondly don't forget to check out the new Pinterest Board with yellow inspirations (the link in my sidebar is now active and leads you to it!). It will hopefully fill up in the course of this month!

Have a wonderful Friday.
Yours, Theresa

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Wallpaper February 2011