Nachtrag - Addition


Here are the pictures I made from the Designer's Open posters all over the city!! Doesn't it look like going there right now??

Oh and I also wanted to show you the wintery wool dress! I wore it on Monday and it really IS very comfortable!

Hier sind noch die Bilder, die ich heute von den Plakaten vom Designer's Open in Leipzig gemacht habe!!! Das sieht doch nach Gleichhingehen aus!?

Oh, und ich wollte euch außerdem das winterliche Wollkleid zeigen, welches ich am Montag auch den ganzen Tag anhtte und es ist wirklich, wirklich gemütlich!


3 Kommentare:

Lady P hat gesagt…

love that plaid dress - still can't believe you made the belt
are you having anything on showcase at this show you made posters for?

Unknown hat gesagt…

I hope not to have said it wrong. I didn't layout that poster ;-) Just photographed it!! I will tell you how this fashion show was!! Bye for now!

Lady P hat gesagt…

oh - too bad! i thought with all of your design finesse that you easily cold have done so!