Book extract from "The dressmaker"

Ausschnitt aus dem Buch "Die Kleidermacherin" von Anna Dion.

translation from Anna Lion's book "The dressmaker":
"Why did some fashionable accesories and clothing please and other did not, although equally new and similar in appearance? Was it up to an efficacious name? To the colour? Each nuance had a memorable appellation. Brown was not just brown, it could be noisette, Café brulé, chocolat, Eye of the King, goose-poop, Parisian dirt or London smut. Each item was even more successful if an original name was thought of by an illustious person. Once the king had derisively denoted a Brown with a violett tint as 'flea-coloured' and veritably had put a flea in fashion's ear!"

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