A good thing

Guten Morgen!
Manches ist einfach zu schade zum Wegschmeißen. Zum Beispiel Stoffreste. Mit jeder Kollektion erhalten wir mit der Post Berge von ca. 5x5 cm großen Stofffetzen, die die neuesten Stoffe vorstellen. Im Laufe der Jahre hat sich ein beachtlicher Berg an Fitzelchen angesammelt! Was tun? Meine Mutter hat sich der Sache angenommen und sie als Verschönerung von Kissen aller Art genutzt. Die Kissen - die wir beispielsweise zu Weihnachten verschenkt haben - sind in der Familie ein absolutes Highlight gewesen. Martha Stewart würde wohl jetzt sagen: "Kissen aus Quiltresten sind a 'good thing'" ;-)



Good morning!
It's a pity to throw away fabric - even if there are only very little rests or the sample rectangles from quilting stores. Over the years we have accumulated quite a heap of such samples. What could we make of them? My mom had quite a nice idea in the last year and made pillowcases with colourful borders in different colour ranges. The pillows turned out to be a great christmas present. My family loved them! Martha Stewart would probably say: "pillowcases out of fabric samples are a 'good thing' ;-))".
Oh and because Prue asked that in the last comment: my mom usually uses a "ground" pattern and alters it quite a bit. However we have a lot of old and new magazines like Burda, Neue Mode or Berlins Modenblatt with sewing patterns in it.


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Prue hat gesagt…

Those pillows are lovely. Thanks for answering my question. I have adapted patterns before as well, but have also tried my hand at the occasional make-it-from-scratch design too, with varying success!

Anonym hat gesagt…

These pillows are simply beautiful. If you allow I will follow this idea and make some for own sofa or bed. I have lots of scraps (from a friend of mine who is a professional seamstress) and some good linen, this should go together well. And let me also say that your entire blog is very inspirational. Greeting from Poznan, Poland.

prettywithribbons hat gesagt…

What a great idea for using leftover pieces! I'm sure everyone was happy at Christmas with them.
Also, many thanks for putting me on your blog list!