Look what I found!!! Thanks to the endless possibilities of Blogs and Youtube! :-)

Schaut, was ich gefunden habe! Dank der endlosen Möglichkeiten von Blogs und Youtube!!! :-)

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Anne e le manine d'oro hat gesagt…

Wonderful ! I love the dress she is wearing. It reminds me of one of your dresses... in shape only since the colours are different. I mean this one. http://neu4bauer.blogspot.com/2008/09/rainy-day-in-grey-and-colours_13.html Of course, hers is pink and has a transparent top. But the shape is in the same line. Happy Easter and congratulation for the beautiful table on your previous post.

Svenja. hat gesagt…

Finde das Video unglaublich toll, genauso wie das Parfüm (: